Returning to the Palace.

*Removes cobwebs*

I started this blog without any real aspirations or focus, I kind of just started it so I wouldn’t be spamming on Twitter all of the time and I could spread my thoughts into an unlimited character space. However it never turned out that way, and without the direction and a sense of purpose for the blog, it kind of just died off.

Now, after 7 months, I am going to give this whole “blogging” gig, another go, this time with a direction and purpose.


The new direction, the only direction, and yet somehow still more than one single direction…

After long ranting conversations with @TJSpaxx on twitter, she enlightened me a new direction I can take with this blog.

I will preface this by saying I play WoW a lot, and during my play I have leveled every class up to level 90, and I am a bit of a knowledge junkie for every class in the game. So when Ms. Spaxx suggested I start a blog series focused on teaching¬†people about classes I lit up and jumped right on it. Now I know there are a lot of class guides out there and that isn’t what I want to write. I want this series to, atleast start off as an analysis of each class and spec, how they play, some basic information about the spec and some things about the community as well. Of course I recognize that this is highly biased and I can’t not be subjective with it, and while I thoroughly dislike “biasism” in any guide, which is part of the reason why I lent away from doing straight forward guides.

In the next week or so I will start on either Warlock or Wind Walker Monk, however the first few goes at it will be directed at finding a good format to do this in.


I will post again soon with more updates.


About ruhka

I am a Warlock on Caelestrasz US-H. I'm a pretty terrible blogger and I am only doing this so that I am not constant spamming on twitter.

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