My most and least favourite expansion.

My most favourite.

If we’re talking about best memories and experiences, I would have to say Wrath of the Lich King was my favourite expansion for WoW. I loved pretty much everything about it, I loved the scenery, the exploration, the at most sphere and the story, it was also the first time I had reached max level and experienced “end game” (even though I had been playing since just before the release of Burning Crusade).

I fell in love with my Death Knight as she grew to be my first level capped character, followed quickly by my Paladin and Shaman. I first got into the whole gearing game and learning about the end game progression with patch 3.2 and the introduction of the Dungeon Finder. I know that it got a lot of flack, and still does by some groups of purists, but without that tool I don’t know if I would have gotten into and addicted to WoW as much as I did (not a bad thing by the way) and I certainly would not have gotten into raiding, hell I didn’t even know what raiding was until ICC when a friend asked me to pug in as a healer for his 25man ICC raid (and I won the intel shield he had wanted so baddly).

Wrath was my introduction to the rest of what WoW had to offer me. I was still young so I didn’t grasp some concepts about the game and I was probably the worst player ever, but I enjoyed myself and even to this day Icecrown Citadel is still my favourite instance because of those first time experiences I had in there. Even to this day I still raid with some of the people I had met back then, we grew and experienced what new and wonderful things the game had to offer as a guild and we continue to do so.

My “least?” favourite expansion.

I wouldn’t say there is an expansion I just hated, because there isn’t. To be honest I can’t talk about Vanilla or BC since I didn’t actually experience those when they were current. However, the expansion that is my least favourite is left to be Cataclysm.

Cataclysm has it’s flaws, primarily with it’s end game content. Personally, I LOVED the new races and the revamped world, it made leveling actually really fun for a bit, I made new toons and leveled them through various zone progression paths and factions just to see all of that content, it was great. Except in order to provide that there was noticeable content lacking for end game. I still enjoyed my time in Cataclysm when the content was fresh, but after that newness feeling faded the content became … stale.

Not all is lost of Cata’s end game though. The Tier 11 raids we’re actually pretty cool and some of the fights across the expansion we’re really nice and fun to progress through. Cata still holds points for me because after my introduction to raiding in Wrath, Cataclysm was where I “grew up” as a gamer, I developed a lot of raid awareness and I learned about a lot of the core concepts about raiding.


Again, I wouldn’t say there is any expansion I did not enjoy for some reason or another, there are some moments in certain expansions I may not have enjoyed much, but those made up by the experiences I had during that content anyway.


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I am a Warlock on Caelestrasz US-H. I'm a pretty terrible blogger and I am only doing this so that I am not constant spamming on twitter.

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