Returning to the Palace.

*Removes cobwebs*

I started this blog without any real aspirations or focus, I kind of just started it so I wouldn’t be spamming on Twitter all of the time and I could spread my thoughts into an unlimited character space. However it never turned out that way, and without the direction and a sense of purpose for the blog, it kind of just died off.

Now, after 7 months, I am going to give this whole “blogging” gig, another go, this time with a direction and purpose.


The new direction, the only direction, and yet somehow still more than one single direction…

After long ranting conversations with @TJSpaxx on twitter, she enlightened me a new direction I can take with this blog.

I will preface this by saying I play WoW a lot, and during my play I have leveled every class up to level 90, and I am a bit of a knowledge junkie for every class in the game. So when Ms. Spaxx suggested I start a blog series focused on teaching people about classes I lit up and jumped right on it. Now I know there are a lot of class guides out there and that isn’t what I want to write. I want this series to, atleast start off as an analysis of each class and spec, how they play, some basic information about the spec and some things about the community as well. Of course I recognize that this is highly biased and I can’t not be subjective with it, and while I thoroughly dislike “biasism” in any guide, which is part of the reason why I lent away from doing straight forward guides.

In the next week or so I will start on either Warlock or Wind Walker Monk, however the first few goes at it will be directed at finding a good format to do this in.


I will post again soon with more updates.


Community Blog Topic: Account-wide professions.

When it comes to professions in WoW, I’m not really big into them. My Warlock is an alchemist for convenient flasks and pots, and an engineer for the intellect cooldown. I have most professions maxed across various toons, but since I don’t care to have each profession on more than one character, I leave my newer alts without any professions.

All in one place.
Having professions be account-wide is an interesting take on the system, and I can see it working very well. Though there are flaws that would need to be ironed out first, which could have some negative impacts on professions themselves, like the removal of the profession bonuses, or the fact that the economy could take a hit since everyone has the ability to craft anything they need and gather the resources they need to make it – though this is combated by laziness.

If profession bonuses like the buffed flasks for alchemists or the cheaper and stronger gems that Jewel Crafters can make, then every raider is going to be forced or feel forced to max out EVERY profession so that they can benefit from all of the boosts they give.

The simple solution to this is to just remove the bonuses they give. All fixed, right? Well, maybe…but not exactly. Now you have to deal with the issue of professions not having enough incentive for people to max out, most people already feel like maxing two professions is enough of a grind, so unless you have some regular need for a particular profession I am under the impression that most people won’t care to take advantage of the system.

Another solution to account-wide professions and possible problems arising from the current incentives/bonuses would be changing them up to add variety with them and then changing the system so that you can only choose from a limited amount of bonuses at a time. The changes for variety would be necessary since with the exception of gathering and engineering, all the professions math out the roughly equal boosts, so the choice wouldn’t be boring and not even really matter.

Now I’m keen for this.
I went into this topic not really having much of an opinion on account wide professions. But now I’m actually really liking the idea. Sure the system would need some working out and the professions system probably needs some updates as a whole, something to liven it up and make the experience more enjoyable, rather than thinking the whole time “gosh I really just want this to be over and done with so that I never have to deal with it again.” But whether or not account-wide come or not, I want to see some changes to professions as a whole.

How long have I been playing WoW?

In the beginning…

I started playing World of Warcraft sometime around October 2006. I would have had to of been 10 years old at the time. I remember my older brother coming home one day with a new game for the computer. He finished installing it and played it, I came up to him, interested in the game. Everything about it seemed magical, I had never seen a game like it before. I just sat there with him, watching my brother play the night elf hunter he had created, adventuring through the beautiful Teldrassil.

I asked him if I could play too, when he was done. He agreed and the next day he logged me into his trial account I created a Human Paladin. Immediately I realized how lost in this world I was, having never played an RPG before I didn’t know what quests where, I didn’t go off adventuring I just looked around and asked my brother what to do until I got an understand of where to go and what to do. When his trial account ended, we made a new account when my brother bought the game. Together we made new characters – he made another hunter and I made a warlock.

After a few weeks, our mum started to notice we were playing the game an awful lot. So to keep check on us and make sure we were playing in a safe online environment, she created her character and started playing as well.

…well, to make a long story short…

Eventually, my brother stopped playing WoW as he got older, though my mum and I still play and have been raiding together since Wrath of the Lich King. During our time playing WoW, my mum has had a heart attack, I came out as gay (to our guild as well), my mum and I have made a bunch of friends online in our guild and have even met some of them in real life as well. On top of that I have also just finished my final year at school – and I got the legendary cloak the same day as my graduation assembly.

I am not a social person – I like calm and quiet surroundings and I tend to not talk to people much – however, I am nowhere near as anti-social as I used to be, mostly because through the social aspect of WoW and raiding with my guild I have created a lot of my social skills. Without the friendly chatting and banter during raids and the casual conversations in guild chat, I don’t know what I would be like today. Having that environment in WoW where there were people I could chat with and hang out with really helped my issues with socializing.

I was also bullied in my early years of high school and WoW became a safe haven for me. It was my escape from reality when I could not handle reality anymore. If I felt really horrible or depressed, playing WoW distracted me from the real world and gave me the ability to be happy. And now, my escape has turned into my passion, I am a proud nerd and gamer.

I would have to say that is possibly one of the best things to have happened to me in my life (so far).

UVLS survives yet another nerf?

About the nerfs.

Last week Blizzard made a hotfix nerf to demonology with a whopping 30% reduced Wild Imp damage and a 40% reduced chance for the trinket Unerring Vision of Lei Shen (UVLS) to proc for Warlocks only.

These nerfs were very justified and have been needed for the class to stay from getting out of hand with UVLS. However the Warlock community on various forum websites didnt quite see the nerfs the way I did and have been raging, QQing and crying endlessly about these nerfs saying things such as “well there goes demo as a viable raiding spec” claiming the players would feel forced into affliction in order to perform to their maximum potential.

While the argument and worry about feeling pigeonholed into a single spec for raiding is perfectly valid, just crying and complaining gets you nowhere.

Bad nerfs for a good cause.

To be honest, I was really unhappy about these nerfs, not in the QQ/rage way, but in a “this nerf is far too punishing and hurts all of demo, with or without UVLS” way. I understand that Demo needed a nerf and UVLS is a stupidly over powered trinket, but I feel like the nerf to wild imps was taking it too far.

Wild Imps are a very large source of demonology’s damage, even without UVLS spawning an army of them. So, while I like that with the 30% nerf Imps are no longer the largest majority source of damage the issue is that Demonology has been given nothing to compensate for that large loss in DPS.

Essentially, the nerfs for imps are a method of making UVLS increasingly less attractive, but in the process it is hurting players without UVLS, taking a fairly competitive spec without the trinket into a spec desired mostly for it’s strong burst AoE damage.

UVLS, the undying.

So in my raid tonight I thought I should test out demo with UVLS now that nerfs are in place. And I was surprised with the results: I felt like there had been absolutely no change to UVLS, but the nerf to imps was really noticeable. Where I normally would have been at 150k on single target, I was barely getting 120k with my imps doing 15% of my damage still. Not exactly what I would have liked to have seen.

While I don’t have exact numbers and I am only going off personal experience on a single target encounter, I have a feeling UVLS will pull ahead over other ToT trinkets, but the raw damage output of certain Siege trinkets may over take UVLS.

Judging from my personal results it’s pretty clear UVLS needs to either have it’s proc changed, not affect dots or something I haven’t thought of. Though there is the chance that if they buffed demo’s single target spells then that could cause raw int proc trinkets to become more valuable – buffing spells like Soul Fire could end up resulting in higher DPS with another trinket vs UVLS.

I apologise if this blog makes no sense in it’s structure, grammar or otherwise, but such is the way of an amateur writing late at night.

My most and least favourite expansion.

My most favourite.

If we’re talking about best memories and experiences, I would have to say Wrath of the Lich King was my favourite expansion for WoW. I loved pretty much everything about it, I loved the scenery, the exploration, the at most sphere and the story, it was also the first time I had reached max level and experienced “end game” (even though I had been playing since just before the release of Burning Crusade).

I fell in love with my Death Knight as she grew to be my first level capped character, followed quickly by my Paladin and Shaman. I first got into the whole gearing game and learning about the end game progression with patch 3.2 and the introduction of the Dungeon Finder. I know that it got a lot of flack, and still does by some groups of purists, but without that tool I don’t know if I would have gotten into and addicted to WoW as much as I did (not a bad thing by the way) and I certainly would not have gotten into raiding, hell I didn’t even know what raiding was until ICC when a friend asked me to pug in as a healer for his 25man ICC raid (and I won the intel shield he had wanted so baddly).

Wrath was my introduction to the rest of what WoW had to offer me. I was still young so I didn’t grasp some concepts about the game and I was probably the worst player ever, but I enjoyed myself and even to this day Icecrown Citadel is still my favourite instance because of those first time experiences I had in there. Even to this day I still raid with some of the people I had met back then, we grew and experienced what new and wonderful things the game had to offer as a guild and we continue to do so.

My “least?” favourite expansion.

I wouldn’t say there is an expansion I just hated, because there isn’t. To be honest I can’t talk about Vanilla or BC since I didn’t actually experience those when they were current. However, the expansion that is my least favourite is left to be Cataclysm.

Cataclysm has it’s flaws, primarily with it’s end game content. Personally, I LOVED the new races and the revamped world, it made leveling actually really fun for a bit, I made new toons and leveled them through various zone progression paths and factions just to see all of that content, it was great. Except in order to provide that there was noticeable content lacking for end game. I still enjoyed my time in Cataclysm when the content was fresh, but after that newness feeling faded the content became … stale.

Not all is lost of Cata’s end game though. The Tier 11 raids we’re actually pretty cool and some of the fights across the expansion we’re really nice and fun to progress through. Cata still holds points for me because after my introduction to raiding in Wrath, Cataclysm was where I “grew up” as a gamer, I developed a lot of raid awareness and I learned about a lot of the core concepts about raiding.


Again, I wouldn’t say there is any expansion I did not enjoy for some reason or another, there are some moments in certain expansions I may not have enjoyed much, but those made up by the experiences I had during that content anyway.